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Learn about Black history with us.  Tuntimo is designed for children aged 5 – 8 years old. 

Regrettably, due to rising expenses and insufficient donations and resources, we must announce the closure of this site on February 29th, 2024.

What is Tuntimo?

Tuntimo offers children the opportunity to learn about notable Black figures and periods that have made history. It provides children the chance to learn more about people that are often not mentioned in text books, using content and interactive games designed to keep children engaged. The content also aims to boost representation and build confidence.

Why choose Tuntimo?

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The home of children's Black History

Black history is world history! We wanted to reflect this in a fun and friendly name:

Do you want to learn about Black people who have made history?


What you get? We have over 200 historical or inspirations profiles / topics with facts, information and games. 

How much? To access the full platform,  you need to register and pay a single access fee of £4.99 for access during Black history month in October (UK) and February (USA).

We charge this fee to help us manage and update this platform. 

Free access is available during the year, excluding the dates above. A limited number of profiles are available all year.

What you get? We have over 200 historical or inspirations profiles / topics with facts, information and games. 

How much? We are asking for a donation of a minimum of £3.00. 

We are asking for this donation to help us manage and update this platform.

Free access is available during the year, however if we are not able to secure enough donations, we may struggle to fund the platform and pay a developer to manage it. This means we may close the site this year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The platform is aimed at children and families looking to learn more about Black history and notable Black individuals.

You’re never too old to learn about history – but our platform is specifically designed according to the learning needs of children aged 5-8.

By providing over 200 profiles and topic, we have provided content that can be enforced and tested through  fun and engaging content, challenges, and games.

Tuntimo helps  children to learn new words and phases as well as how to use language that is often not corrected.  The games also will keep them motivated to continue to learn and progress.

Tuntimo is free, however the suggested donation is a minimum of £3.00 per user. If we are not able to secure donations we may soon charge to access the site.

Whilst we have volunteers, we are parents, work and/or have other commitments. We would love to pay staff to work on building this platform to the ultimate vision. We need money to add additional features to the site; such as a user dashboard, login accounts, dynamic search options, create illustrations / animations, pay for staff, coders, and general development for the site.

Tuntimo is designed to be easy for kids to use alone, and each activity has instructions suited to their age. However, please note that whilst videos have been carefully selected, children will be watching such videos on YouTube. We do not take responsibility of external sites.

We think learning is even more fun when it’s shared – so we’ve created tools to help you be part of your child’s journey.

Yes, Tuntimo works across mobiles, tablets, PC’s and laptops. However, no the puzzle game is not accessible on mobile.

We recommend using either on Safari, or Google Chrome browsers for best performance.

They’ll learn about about a wide selection of historical figures, periods and topics, from stories about African Empires to scientists. All contents has been selected as appropriate for the age group.

Unfortunately, not. We hope to get some software in the future that will give you  access to a parent dashboard and rewards record.

Tuntimo was created by Tuntimo Community Interest Company (CIC).

It was initially funded via a GoFundMe campaign but today it is funded by the founder and fees paid to access the platform.

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with individual’s, corporations and brands.

Email: hello@tuntimo.com

Thank you to everyone that has contributed content, ideas and expertise  to Tuntimo.

If you would like to give us feedback or inform us of errors (stating the section and suggested correction), please get in contact via hello@tuntimo.com. Please note, we are unable to answer every email we receive, but rest assured we do review emails  regularly.

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