About Us

Tuntimo is an educational resource for children. We are passionate about offering information and activities that empower children to learn Black history at their own pace, at home, or in the classroom. 


We want to help Black children develop a connection to their legacy, and a sense of pride in who they are. And we want to give all children access to resources that reflect a more inclusive approach to world history.  

Our mission

Our mission is to provide children with free, fun and engaging information about the achievements and histories of Black people, showing children (and parents!) how Black people and communities, have contributed to the world.

We believe passionately in the power of education and we think it is vital that children have access to a Black history resource that is fun, interactive and digestible. We hope that through this platform, and future projects, more children will learn a more balanced history of Black peoples and their contributions.

Our Powerful Goals


We want to address the gaps in the British curriculum and educate young people about Black history.


We want to tell stories of Black excellence and celebrate Black leaders and visionaries across various fields.


We want to create a resource that brings together families of all races through learning and play.


We want to help parents start difficult conversations around race in an engaging, age-appropriate way.


Volunteer Team

Oriana Gowie (Founder and CEO)

Tolu (Public Relations)

  • Zivana (Historical Content)
  • Michelle (Historical Content)
  • Carol – Michelle (Historical Content)
  • Ella (Content Writer)
  • Foluwa (Support)

Thank you to all the volunteers that have contributed to the creation of this site, along with everyone who has donated.

Frequently Asked Questions

The platform is aimed at children and families looking to learn more about Black history and notable Black individuals.


You’re never too old to learn about history – but our platform is specifically designed according to the learning needs of children aged 5-11.

Of course not! Black history is world history. Although it is important for Black children to have access to educational resources about their heritage and culture, it is equally important for children of all backgrounds to discover these important stories.

Tuntimo is designed to be easy for kids to use alone, and each activity has instructions suited to their age. However, please note that whilst videos have been carefully selected, children will be watching such videos on YouTube. We do not take responsibility of external sites.

We think learning is even more fun when it’s shared – so we’ve created tools to help you be part of your child’s journey. This includes hands-on activities, a parent blog, and communications tailored to you to help you play an active role. 

We have had support and contributions from some amazing people along the way.

  • Tuntimo kids and parents
  • Pierre Gowie (Patron)
  • Kirsty (Content Writer)
  • Tumi (Historical Content)
  • Salwa (Games)
  • Francis (Content)
  • Linda (Content Writer)
  • Vanessa (Illustrator)
  • Granville (Historical Content)
  • Curtis  (Video Curator)
  • Hannah (Consumer Research)
  • Katie (Design advice)
  • Emmanuel (Web support)
  • Sinaed (Content Writer)
  • Kareem (Historian)
  • Melissa (Consultant)
  • Fuma (Design Advice)
  • Abigail (Researcher)
  • Irene (Consultant)
  • Cherie (Intern)
  • Lauren (Content Writer)
  • Ayo (Voiceover and Content)
  • Christlyn (Content)
  • Patrice (Historical Content)
  • Robyn (Content Writer)
  • Zorica (Content Writer)
  • Roland (Consultant)
  • Jessica (Consultant)
  • Melissa (Consultant)
  • Nadeira (Branding Consultant)
  • Francis (Support)
  • Nicole (Content Writer)
  • Richie Ashbeck (Website Support)

Thank you for your contribution!

Tuntimo was created by Tuntimo Community Interest Company (CIC).

The  initial aim was to raise £20,000 to create a full bespoke platform and hire staff, however to date we have raised circa £5,000 from donations. This has meant that we have decided to create a website that showcases the vision in the hope of generating income and support.



We are now looking for corporate sponsors or advertisers to continue to add and build other elements of the site.

Whilst we have volunteers, we are parents, work and/or have other commitments.

We would love to pay staff to work on building this platform to the ultimate vision.


We need money to add additional features to the site; such as a user dashboard, login accounts, dynamic search options, create animations, pay for staff, coders, and general development for the site.


Currently the content has been limited due to the lack of individual logins, which would allow content of a sensitive nature to be added ensuring content is available to older children, such as the Transatlantic Enslavement Trade.

If you would like to give us feedback or inform us of errors (stating the section and suggested correction), please get in contact via hello@tuntimo.com.



Please note, we are unable to answer every email we receive, but rest assured we do review emails regularly.