About Us

About us

Tuntimo is a UK based children’s brand comprising of a web-based learning program, community events and workshops. All our product’s centre around educating children about Black history, empowerment and self-belief in the world of “Tuntimo Kids”. 


Our Journey

Tuntimo was founded in 2019 by Oriana Gowie. The e-learning platform was originally launched in January 2021, as a free educational resource for children. The idea was triggered during the global crisis and in the wake of Black Lives Matter movement in 2019. The focus being to help Black children develop a connection to their legacy, and a sense of pride in who they are.


It was identified that there was a lack of suitable online content to educate children about Black history that was fun, interactive and digestible for all children access to resources that reflect a more inclusive approach to world history. The aim was to offer information and activities that empower children to learn Black history at their own pace, at home, or in the classroom.


In 2022, we revamped the website which included a new layout, games and content. Over 100,000 people have used Tuntimo with many more games played. Tuntimo is used in schools by teachers worldwide to harness the power of digital learning and interaction. Amazingly, we have done this on a limited budget with the support of volunteers and a tech software company.


Our Powerful Goals


We want to address the gaps in the British curriculum and educate young people about history.


We want to tell stories of Black excellence, celebrate Black leaders and visionaries.


We want to create a resource that helps all children to learn, engage and play.


We want to help parents start difficult conversations around race and identity in age-appropriate way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with free, fun and engaging information about the achievements and histories of Black people, showing children (and parents!) how Black people and communities, have contributed to the world.

Our Founder

'I saw that there was a lack of fun and engaging information online for young children to learn about Black history and the legacy of many historical

figures.  I hoped to create something that could be used by children all over the world by individuals, families and schools. I wanted to add value to the information available in a creative inclusive way and help keep histories live to empower them.'

Oriana Gowie, Founder and CEO



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Creating historical Content

Thank you to all the volunteers that have contributed to the creation of this site, along with everyone who has donated.