African Folktales

African Folk Tales

African Folktales

Story telling is a big part of the African culture and has been part of the culture before TV’s, ipads and YouTube. It has been a way to archive stories and shaped the childhood of many children. Times are different now and these bedtime stories which were passed down through generations are not as popular with children as they once were.  

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Stories Mother Told

Stories Mother Told aims to bring these stories to the new generation and introduce everyone else to these wonderful stories from the motherland. The lessons and values learnt from these will never be forgotten. Welcome to Stories Mother Told on Tuntimo – sharing stories from all over Africa!

This episode is a Shona story from beautiful Zimbabwe. In this story, we see the kindness of the king, as well as how happy and united all the animals can be. We also once again get to see the cunning nature of the rabbit.

This story comes from the Ashanti people of Ghana and it is one of the many stories of the mischievous Anansi the Spider. In today’s story, we find out the reason for his thin legs. This is a story about greed.

This story takes us to South Sudan for the first time! In this story we explore the concept of reaping what you sow and why it is important to be good.

This episode sees us visiting South Africa. In this story, we learn about the importance of unity and how the ants struggled without it.

This episode takes us back to Marrakech, Morocco. It is a very good example to always be kind to people for you never know where your blessings may come from.

About Stories Mother Told
Fourrell is a talented 26 year old. He is Security IT Engineer by day and uses his creative flare and passion of African stories to make great podcasts. He enjoys photography, podcasting and also run a digital media company focused on highlighting black creatives in Australia. Born in Nigeria, his evenings were usually spent sitting under the moonlight listening to and sharing stories. He moved to Australia at the age of 13 and as he got older he realised that these stories that he grew up on were no longer being told to kids. This was the inspiration for StorieMotheTolda platform to preserve the art of oral storytelling and also share these stories with everyone.


Thank you Fourrell!


We hope you enjoy this piece of our history. Sit back and Relax, let me take you back to Africa.  

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