Understanding Dyslexia

Everyone learns in different ways. No matter where you were brought up, or what level of education you have, everyone receives information differently. Some children, when learning, work better by seeing pictures or diagrams in order to process the information, whereas some would rather have it spoken to them, or written down in a book. …

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How to Know What Your Child is Thinking

Have you ever wondered what your child is thinking when he says or does something that seems utterly meaningless to you? For example, he or she might want you to meet his/her imaginary friend or be talking to an imaginary friend or very often our response is to stop.


An ally is a person who supports and stands up for another person or a group of people when they are treated unfairly.

Why is Black History Important to Children?

Without knowledge of history the world, for a young child, is a very small place.  Black History provides children with information about inspiring Black people who  in some cases had to persevere in some of the most difficult situations but also achieved great things. And we believe that teaching Black History to young children will open their worlds, minds and  hearts.

An Opinion on Racism

I don’t know about you but I believe all human beings belong to a single species and share a common origin.

We are born equal in dignity and rights and we all form an integral part of humanity. All peoples of the world possess equal faculties for attaining the highest level in intellectual, technical, social, economic, cultural and political development.