Black History Month

What is Black History Month?


Black history month began in 1976. It started as a yearly celebration of African Americans struggles in the United States. It is a whole month dedicated to the growth and efforts of the African American community. Although it was created to show the African American struggles in the United States, it has become a symbol of hope for the Black Communities all over the world. 


In recent years, it has become more popular amongst other countries such as Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In the United States and Canada, it is celebrated in February, while in the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, it is celebrated in October.


History of Black History Month?


Black History Month was gotten from another celebration called the Negro History Week. It was founded in 1926 by a Black historian named Carter .G. Woodson. Carter G. Woodson who we know as the father of Black History Month.  

He believed that the struggles of African Americans should be celebrated annually for at least a week. He also believed that the Black community’s history should spread widely across the United States of America. This was his dream. He worked with the church, some educational bodies, and Black teachers to spread his dreams across the United States of America. He was able to spread his thoughts through his books. 


The first celebration of Black History Month took place from January 2 to February 28 in 1970. It was first celebrated by the Black United States students at Kent State University. Officially, Black History Month was recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976. During an event, he talked about the contributions and neglect of the African American community.


This announcement was accepted with excitement by the African American community. It began a new age for the Black community.


Black History Month in the UK


Black History Month in the United Kingdom is celebrated in October. It is a month to celebrate the uniqueness of Black people in the United Kingdom. In this month, Black people of different backgrounds, cultures, and religions come together to celebrate their oneness. The concept of Black History Month was brought to the UK by a man called Akyaaba Addai Sebo. Akyaaba, who worked in the Greater London Council. He took an interest in Black History Month when he visited the United States of America. In 1987, he founded the United Kingdom’s version of Black History Month, which would then be celebrated in October.

Aims of Black History Month

                              • To give Black kids a sense of identity.
                              • To give Black kids an understanding of their history.
                              • To remind the Black community of their struggles.
                              • To impact Black morals in kids.

Fun fact: Did you know that Black History Month in the USA was chosen as February because it falls on the same month as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthday?