Born: 1508 B.C.E.

Died: 1458 B.C.E.

Birth Place: Egypt

Known for: Being a powerful woman who became ruler of Egypt when most pharaohs were men.

Hatshepsut is one of the few female Pharaohs of Egypt.

She changed the rules in order to crown herself as Pharaoh.

Egypt prospered under Hatshepsut’s rule.


Life story


Female pharaoh


Hatshepsut was one of very few women to rule ancient Egypt. As ruler of Egypt, she became as powerful as any male Pharaohs before or after her rule.


She was the fifth Pharaoh from the 18th  Dynasty to rule Egypt, and was only the second female Pharaoh in the history of ancient Egypt. Hatshepsut had married Thutmose II by the age of twenty, but when he died, his son, Thutmose III, was too young to rule, so Hatshepsut became ruler until he was old enough to be Pharaoh. Thutmose III didn’t take power until Hatshepsut died in 1458 B.C.E.


After seven years of ruling, Hatshepsut crowned herself as Pharaoh of Egypt, changing the rules to make this possible. To make herself appear as powerful as the male pharaohs before her, she wore the traditional clothing of a Pharaoh and even, at times, a beard.


Egyptian success


Hatshepsut improved trading for ancient Egypt, sending ships to other parts of the world, which would return with valuable items like gold and spices. She also gave the orders for many buildings to be repaired, and built many temples and memorials.


One temple was built in Hatshepsut’s honour, featuring paintings that showed the important things she had achieved as ruler. Egypt had enjoyed great success under her rule, and she was remembered as being the longest female Pharaoh to rule Egypt.

List as many reasons as you can why Hatshepsut was famous? Why do you think Hatshepsut improved the way women were seen as leaders? Why do you think Hatshepsut was a good leader?

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