Hope Powell

Hope Powell

Born: 8th December 1966

Birth Place: United Kingdom

Known for: Being a professional football player and coach.

Powell was the Millwall Lionesses’ all-time record goal scorer.

In 2002, Powell was appointed OBE, and then CBE in 2011.

In 1991, she helped the Millwall Lionesses win the Women's FA Cup.

I think part of being a good coach is knowing how to extract the best from different people.

Hope Powell

Life story


Young talent 

Hope Powell (OBE) loved to play sports from a young age, especially football. When she was eleven, she played for her school team, but she was forced to stop by the Football Association. Her teacher appealed the ban, although this was more because he wanted to have the strongest team, rather than because he believed in gender equality.

Powell then joined a football team called Millwall. There she met her football coach, Alan May. He was a major inspiration to Powell and helped her learn coaching and people management skills, as well as football.

Career success

Powell then moved teams to play for Fulham. She played in the 1989 Women’s FA Cup final with Fulham. Despite playing to the best of her ability, her team lost 3-2 and she returned to play for Millwall. She then went to university in London, and studied Sport Science and History. At the same time, she also studied to be a football coach.

Powell became a football coach to the England women’s football team at 31, making her the youngest person ever to coach the team, as well as the first woman. In 2003, she was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.  Powell has also taken part in lots of charity work, including a football academy in Switzerland. She helps girls and boys learn how to play football, and join professional football teams.


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