Birth Place: Egypt

Known for: Being the first Pharaoh of a united Egypt (First Dynasty, c. 3150).

Narmer was the first Pharaoh of a united Egypt.

Narmer presided over a time of growth for urban city life.

Narmer may also be the same person as Menes


Life story

Narmer was the first king of a united Egypt. He united the country peacefully in History shows him wearing the war crown of Upper Egypt and the red wicker crown of Lower Egypt – the two separate parts of Egypt before they were united. Narner may also be the same person as Menes.

United Egypt

Before Narmer ruled, Egypt was divided into Upper Egypt (the south) and Lower Egypt (the north). Upper Egypt was more like a city, while Lower Egypt was more rural.

Once Narmer was the supreme king, he married the princess Neithhotep of Naqada. This meant a great friendship between the two kingdoms was made, making them both stronger as they worked together.

Long reign

He led military adventures through lower Egypt to put down rebellions and make the land that he controlled larger, spreading to Canaan and Nubia. Narmer ordered large building projects and, under his rule, made the land more like a city.


What evidence is there to prove he was a great king? Would you consider uniting Egypt as his greatest achievement?

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