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We are Tuntimo Kids and here are some of our friends!

Welcome to Tuntimo Kids! We are on a mission to learn about Black history and culture on this platform. We want to spotlight some of the contributions and achievements Black people have made throughout history, and learn about their legacy. We know that in school we might not learn enough about Black history, so we want to share our learning journey with you. Tuntimo was made just for us!


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Gabriel (Aged 6)

Favourite colours: Green and red
Likes: Dancing (especially street dance), reading and video games
Dislikes: Sports, waking up early and fizzy drinks
Gabriel is a lively and energetic six year old. At first he may appear serious, but once you get to know him, his bubbly personality shines through. He has a love for street dance ever since seeing 'You Got Served' and he practices dance moves from his favourite street dancers everyday. Like many kids, he loves playing video games with his friends.


Maya (Aged 10)

Favourite colours: Blue and black
Likes: Science, rapping and video games
Dislikes: Pizza, exams, sleeping, summer
Maya is an intelligent and kind middle child. She is very responsible as she has been helping take care of them as they are growing up. Maya loves science, especially physics, and has dreams of becoming an astrophysicist. She also has a creative side; she loves rapping which she picked up from her older brother. Maya is a picky eater and hates pizza among many other foods.

Harry (Aged 7)

Favourite colour: Pink and red
Animals, especially cats and tigers, building things, PE
English, tidying up, spiders and snakes
Harry is a cheerful young boy who loves animals. He also loves playing around and joking! Harry likes building things and wants to be a carpenter like his mum when he grows up. He often gets in trouble for breaking things apart and then putting them together so he can learn. However, he doesn’t enjoy tidying up even though he’s the one who makes a mess! He’s also very scared of some animals, especially spiders and snakes.

Imani (Aged 6 )

Favourite colours: Blue and grey
Likes: Arts and crafts, roller-skating and swimming
Dislikes: Animals (especially rats!), running and winter
Imani is a quiet but confident young girl who is very talented. She enjoys painting with her friends and naturally, her favourite subject is Art. Imani is very active and just learned to roller-skate recently as her siblings taught her. However, she hates running as she thinks sweating is gross and prefers summer to winter. She hates animals (especially rats) and cannot stand going to the zoo and being surrounded by animals.

Kemi (Aged 11)

Favourite colours: Green and brown
Likes: Music, painting, fashion, shopping and skateboarding
Dislikes: Maths and science, washing dishes and vegetables
Kemi is a confident and strong girl who has a keen eye for the creative arts. She’s a mini-fashionista and enjoys putting outfits together for her family. She also loves music and has an interest in being a DJ when she’s older. Kemi is dyslexic but she works really hard at school and has a tutor to help her with her English work but has a strength in problem solving and maths. Kemi is very outgoing and loves being active. She recently learnt to skateboard and also wants to learn to roller-skate. She loves learning new things. She doesn’t like maths or science and would rather focus on music or art. She also hates vegetables, but loves sweets and fizzy drinks!

Kwadwo (Aged 10)

Favourite colours: Green and brown
Likes: Playing the violin and drums, singing, maths and music
Dislikes: Geography, homework, the dark and sleeping late
Kwadwo is an intelligent and bright young boy. Coming from a family of musicians, he started playing the drums as a toddler to annoy his sister but came to love the instrument. He also learnt the violin and can sing, which he got from his father. Though he may not like school work, especially Geography, Kwadwo loves maths as there is always a right answer to everything. Kwadwo is afraid of the dark, always sleeping with glow in the dark lights.

Alison (Aged 9)

Favourite colour: Orange and pink
Likes: Playing the guitar, football, dogs and wolves,
Dislikes: Cats, homework, shopping and onions,
Alison is a very sporty and driven girl. Her favourite colours are orange and pink and she always wears at least one item with that colour. She loves playing football and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. She does get very competitive but it's all for fun at the end of the day. She hates school, especially homework! She finds it difficult to concentrate and would rather be out playing with her dog or her friends.

Linh (Aged 9)

Favourite colour: Turquoise
Likes: Sports, writing and telling stories
Dislikes: Loud noises, junk food, getting his hair cut
Linh is a funny and mischievous boy who loves being active and running around. He plays a lot of sports, including basketball and football, with dreams of being a famous basketballer when he grows up. Linh has an active imagination and has a talent for writing and telling stories, something his teacher has praised him for when he stays out of trouble. He started keeping a book for all his stories and has so many that he’s filled three books already! Linh may be mischievous, but he prefers the quiet and hates loud noises. He also doesn’t like junk food as he grew up liking fruits and vegetables at home.

Ethan (Aged 11)

Favourite colour: Purple
Likes: Art, history and science, particularly biology and plants
Dislikes: Maths (too hard!), bedtime, mess and arguing with his siblings
Ethan is a quiet but kind boy. From a very young age he loved the outdoors and always went camping with his dad every month. He grew to love biology and plants and has started a collection of different plants he finds. Ethan also enjoys art and though he’s not the best in his class, he always makes an effort to try and draw as best as he can. He doesn’t like maths as he thinks it’s too hard. As Ethan hates mess, sharing a room with his messy older step- brother annoys him the most! He always argues with his step-brother and even though he doesn’t want to, he knows he really enjoys spending time with him.