Who am I?

We all come in different colours and shapes, with different ideas and hopes. Throughout history, some people have used those differences to treat others unfairly. 

We think the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. It’s time to break down some of the negative ideas people have about what makes us different. Instead, we have the power to celebrate, educate, unify, and have conversations. 

There is a common belief that the world is occupied by different races of people that collectively make up the human family. However, instead of thinking in terms of race, we should think of the differences that we see in others, skin tone, hair, nose shape, height, eye colour as merely variations on an original theme, because all life started on the African continent.  


Race is an unscientific 18th century creation to justify the people treating other unfairly. It is important to understand that the differences we have is what make us unique. 


Why do we have different skin colours?


There is only one human race, the human race. Within the human race, we are all different and have different skin colours. People have different colours of skin because of a chemical in the skin called melanin. People with a lot of melanin have darker skin. People with less melanin have lighter skin.

How much melanin in your skin do you have?


There are a number of factors that will impact on who you are and it goes beyond the melanin in your skin. This includes where you were born, your families background and culture. Different foods, music, stories, dances, art, songs and general traditions that have value in different cultures. Think about your traditions and the way your family or those you live with do things. It is nice to share those cultural characteristics so we can learn together.

Positive Affirmations

What are positive affirmations?


Positive affirmations are specific phrases that you can repeat to yourself to help provide yourself with encouragement or motivation. Using the present tense, speak directly towards yourself and use positive words, like, “I can…” or “I am…”. Positive affirmations are really useful when you are not feeling great, or you are having negative thoughts that you want to change into something positive.

I am special

Yes you are!

I am loved

Yes you are!

I listen to my heart

Yes you should

I love who I am

Yes you should!

My dreams can come true

Yes they can!

I can do it

Yes you can!

I am safe

Yes you are

I am going to achieve great things

Yes you can

Every day is a new opportunity

Yes it is!

I love myself even though I sometimes make mistakes

Yes you do!

I am grateful

Yes you are!

I am enough

Yes you are!

Always remember who you are

Yes you should

All things are possible

Yes they are!

You are uniquely and wonderfully made.

Yes you are!

Thank you for being you!