Janet Emerson Bashen

Born: 12th February 1957

Birth Place: United States

Known for: Being a female inventor, and the first African American woman to get a software patent.

Bashen has won many awards for her success as a businesswoman.

She is the first African American woman to patent a software invention.

Bashen has been inducted into the Black Inventors Hall of Fame.

My success and failures make me who I am. And who I am is a Black woman raised in the south by working class parents, who tried to give me a better life by fostering a fervent commitment to succeed.

Janet Emerson Bashen

Life story


Early education


Janet Emerson Bashen is the first African American woman to get a patent for a software invention. This means that no one else can use her idea for an invention without giving her credit for it.


Bashen went to college in Alabama, before moving to Houston, Texas, where she lives today. She has a degree in law and government from the University of Houston, and degrees from Rice University too. She also went to Harvard University where she studied ‘Woman and Power: Leadership in a New World’.


Bashen Corporation


In September 1994, she founded the Bashen Corporation, where she invented software to help manage people in companies. Bashen started the business from her home office. She only had a kitchen table to work on, no money, and one client to work for. Bashen worked hard and focused on being successful.


Bashen and her company are important in the U.S. for their achievements. Bashen also does a lot of work for the community, such as helping to fight racism in the business world.

What was Bashen the first African American woman to get? What is Bashen’s degree from the University of Houston in? What does Bashen help fight in the business world?

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