Lisa Gelobter

Born: 1971

Birth Place: United States

Known for: Being a computer scientist.

Gelobter has a degree in computer science from Brown University.

She is a pioneer in the development of video on the internet.

Her company tEQuitable helps fight discrimination at work.

Lisa Gelobter

Life story


Career success


Lisa Gelobter is a leading computer scientist who works with computers and other technology. Gelobter has done lots of important things to make online technology better.


She played a big role in the development of video on the internet, and also helped lay the groundwork for the creation of GIF images on the internet. She continues to do her important work to this day.


Career highlights


Gelobter has held many important roles throughout her career. She worked as Chief Digital Service Officer for the United States Department of Education while Barack Obama was President. In this job, she helped to improve the government’s healthcare website, She cut down the number of pages there were, and made applications for healthcare shorter. She led the team which made the U.S. Department of Education Scorecard, helping college students make sensible choices about which universities to go to.


Gelobter was the Chief Digital Officer for BET Networks, and was high up in moving streaming website Hulu when it launched. Gelobter also started her own company, tEQuitable. This company runs an online platform where employees can tell someone about problems in their workplace, like racism. This aims to make workplaces more inclusive.

Which U.S. government department did Gelobter work for? What things did Gelobter help create? What does Gelobter’s company tEQuitable do?

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